Windows 7 in the Cloud.

Deploy a Windows 7 Virtual Server for Remote Access from Anywhere.

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16 GBs RAM
16 GBs Disk
16 CPU Cores
USD $ /mo
Original price was USD $ /mo
For Windows, add $5.60 for Windows licensing.

On-demand Windows and Linux Cloud Virtual Servers.

Automatically deploy a server running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 in under 20 minutes. Linux servers, as well as cPanel based Linux virtual servers, are available.

A Remote Windows 7 VPS Server.

Install your company's applications and work with them from anywhere.

windows remote desktop hosting

Accessing your Windows 7 VPS remote desktop is quite easy. From your Windows computer, find an application called "Remote Desktop Connection". If you are using a Mac, just go install the free "Microsoft Remote Desktop" app from the AppStore.

Once you do that, enter the username and password you set up during deployment. Within seconds, the Cloud Server's Windows desktop will show up. Then, just use the server as you would any other Windows operating system.

Unlike other providers, we provide a backup solution!

Every day, ColossusCloud will do a full copy of your Windows virtual servers to maintain copies of your entire setup in case of an emergency, such as your server being hacked, file system damage or human error. Whenever you need your server back, just choose a backup and click "restore" for immediate recovery.

Worldwide Windows 7 VPS Hosting.

It is a fact that a server closer to you performs better. Deploy Windows VPS servers at any of our worldwide locations. If there is any location we don't cover, please let us know!

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